Dr.  Nikita Vizniak - proSTM IASTM KIT - Prohealthsys

Dr. Nikita Vizniak - proSTM IASTM KIT - Prohealthsys

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The two best tools in IASTM now come in a perfectly designed kit.


The new ProSTM Practitioner kit includes:


ProSTM1 (blade)

ProSTM2 (tristar)

Stretch Strap (long lever myofascial stretching)

Deluxe case

IASTM Evidence Informed Introduction full color manual

Among the best myofascial instruments in the world

Benefits of the new combo include:


Find and treat scar tissue & adhesion while saving your own body!

100% surgical grade stainless steel

Variable edge technology for infinite treatment edges

Easy, non-slip grip design – airplane safe (other kits with larger tool may be taken on planes)

Designed & crafted for perfect balance & weight, making the ProSTM set not just a pleasure to use, but also enabling the practitioner to work on any body part

Designed for both right and left handed practitioners

Competitors tools can cost $995-$6,500 for a set

Designed for doctors, therapists & trainers BY doctors, therapists & trainers